Dr. Dasen Brajkovic MD – Managing Others in a Professional Setting

Dasen Brajkovic is a dedicated medical professional who has worked hard in order to enjoy the success he’s had as a psychiatrist. He is the current Medical Director of Psychiatric Services for the Staten Island University Hospital. He was promoted to the position after serving as an Attending Psychiatrist for the hospital from 2009 to 2012. He is responsible for directing a staff team consisting of sixty employees, and he has to coordinate all of the psychiatric services available at the facility. He has worked in a variety of roles as a psychiatrist, and even worked for Rikers Island Correctional Facility for a year.

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Dasen Brajkovic has been working in the medical field for years, and he has experience working directly with patients, and as an administrator serving organizations from behind the scenes. Managing other doctors and staff members is a major part of his daily responsibilities; here are some tips for managing others in a professional setting.

The first thing you need to realize when you’re managing others in a professional setting is that you’re responsible for their work. As the person in charge, you have to make sure that every one of your employees can accomplish their tasks during the work day because if they don’t, it will reflect poorly on your leadership skills.

Dasen Brajkovic also explains that you need to be able to motivate your employees in order to be successful in a leadership position. Try to get your employees excited about coming into work without giving off the impression that your lenient.