Dasen Brajkovic – Practicing Medicine

For many in the healthcare industry, helping others is a driving force in practicing medicine. For Dr. Dasen Brajkovic, working in psychiatry has afforded him the opportunity to help others with the mental aspect of illness and improve the quality of life for those in his care. Those who practice medicine work hard to become

knowledgeable in their field of study. It takes many years of dedication, studying, and experience to become a doctor in the United States, and those who do and entrusted with the lives of individuals from all backgrounds and medical histories who seek medical care. As one of the highest paying professions in the country, many doctors have the opportunity to be well compensated for the burden of care that is placed on their work and they look forward to helping others maintain and improve their health.

As with many professions, aspiring doctors must begin their education by receiving an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Toward the end of their time as an undergrad, these students must pass the MCAT, and exam for entrance into medical school. After being accepted and consequently completing medical school, passing the United States Medical Licensing Exam is the next step in becoming a medical doctor. New doctors will then be trained as residents in their field, earn board certifications, and receive their state license.

Specialties like psychiatry require doctors to train specifically in mental health issues. Physicians such as Dasen Brajkovic spend many years preparing for their careers in medicine and becoming highly trained in their specialties.

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