Dasen Brajkovic – Addiction Psychiatry and Battling Addiction

The stigma of both mental illness and addiction can be debilitating for those who might otherwise seek help. Dasen Brajkovic is a psychiatrist from New Jersey who has a great deal of experience working with individuals who are plagued with addiction. An addiction psychiatrist can help someone suffering from addiction by using his or her skills to provide prevention help, screening, intervention, and treatment for substance abuse and addiction. These physicians are highly trained in this subspecialty of psychiatry and are able to recognize and treat the complicated neurological and physical symptoms of addiction as well. Finding the cause, or trigger, for addiction is also incredibly important for intervention and treatment.

Having family members and friends who understand the need for intervention can help a person suffering from addiction overcome the burden of seeking help. Taking the step to seek help is vital in accountability and treatment and the support of loved ones can make the journey to better health easier both mentally and physically.

Dasen Brajkovic understands that seeking help may be difficult for some but that treatment from a professional is a vital step in healing for his patients. These psychiatrists can offer the best in professional addiction treatment to heal both the mental and physical aspects of addiction. Understanding that both the mental and physical issues associated with addiction are important and should be treated can lead to greater success and sustainable recovery. Addressing all sides of addiction can help bring the cause of addictive behavior to light and help patients avoid triggers in the future.

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