Dasen Brajkovic – Geriatric Neurology – Disorders versus the natural neurological decline in elderly

As the growing number of aging adults in the United States continues to increase, the need for specialized care for this population of individuals is becoming more widespread and apparent. Dasen Brajkovic is a psychiatrist who currently resides in New Jersey who has extensive experience in elder care including a fellowship in geriatric psychiatry. As his profession is closely related to the neurological conditions the elderly find themselves more susceptible to with aging nervous systems, he has a high level of interest in the study of geriatric neurology. His interest in related fields has translated to a better understanding and expertise in his own work, especially in regard to his work as a consultation-liaison psychiatrist.

Many symptoms of neurological disorders mimic expected signs of aging in older adults. This expectation for a natural decline in cognitive function can make the diagnosis of neurological conditions in the elderly more difficult for physicians. It may also be more difficult for the elderly to fully express their issues as they may be experiencing a natural decline in correlation with neurological disorders, much in the same way children may have a difficulty expressing medical concerns.

The elderly are prone to certain neurological disorders related to memory and can be overlooked by caregivers and loved ones as a sign of a more involved neurological issue. Some common neurological disorders in the elderly include Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, numbness, general weakness, and loss of balance. Dasen Brajkovic believes having an awareness of these diseases and their symptoms can help with early detection and treatment, especially in lessening symptoms and slowing the progression of incurable disorders.

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