Dasen Brajkovic – The Ubiquity of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dasen Brajkovic is Medical Director of Psychiatric Services at Staten Island University Hospital, and he has a great deal of knowledge about geriatric psychiatry. Alzheimer’s disease is a huge factor within this area of study. Just about everyone has heard of this scourge on our nation’s elderly, but many people are surprised when they hear about the widespread nature of the disease. A good source of information about Alzheimer’s disease is the Alzheimer’s Association website. According to the site, approximately 13 percent of people who are 65 years of age and older are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This is a figure that should certainly get your attention.

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The likelihood of contracting Alzheimer’s disease increases as you get older. Somewhere in the vicinity of 45 percent of people who are at least 85 years of age have contracted the disease. If you were to consult with an expert like Dasen Brajkovic MD, he could tell you that it is likely that you will live into your eighties if you are fortunate enough to celebrate your 65th birthday.

This disease can have a major impact on your life and the lives of older people that you care about. In addition to the fact that it causes dementia, it is also a killer; it is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Doctors like Dasen Brajkovic are always conducting research in an effort to provide a solution, and you recognize the importance of this work when you understand the profound impact of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dasen Brajkovic – How To Become A Licensed Psychiatrist

Dasen Brajkovic is an experienced and skilled psychiatrist who has worked with patients in the penal system as well as geriatric patients and children. If you want to help people with their psychiatry needs, you will need to become a licensed psychiatrist. Read on to find out how.

Earn Your Degree

You will need to attend college and graduate with a degree before you can become a licensed psychiatrist. You should do well in college, be accepted and get good grades in medical school and also do well in you psychiatry classes. You cannot become a licensed psychiatrist without a degree.

Also can read: Dasen Brajkovic – The Ubiquity of Alzheimer’s Disease

Complete A Residency

You will need to gain some experience in the field of work and to do that you should complete a residency. You can do this at a hospital and many colleges work with local hospitals to arrange for residency programs for their students.

Become Board Certified

Once you have the education and experience needed to become a psychiatrist, you will need to be certified and licensed. To do this you must take a certification exam. You will need to pass this exam and wait for your certification credentials to arrive in the mail and you can begin applying for positions.

Dasen Brajkovic has always enjoyed helping people and became a psychiatrist so he could do so on a larger scale. If you are interested in psychiatry and want to make a career out of your interest, consider the above points and become a licensed psychiatrist.

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic – Commons Signs Of Addiction

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic works with many different types of patients and treats all kinds of disorders. Addiction is a serious problem and psychiatric care can help addicts control their addictions and gain back their lives. If you think someone you know may be suffering from addiction watch for these common signs.

Changes In Behavior
When someone has an addiction you may notice many changes in their behavior. They may become angry, may prefer to be alone, or may even be lying and living a secretive life. These are all signs that addiction has taken over a person’s life.

Changes In Appearance
When someone is suffering from an addiction they often stop caring for themselves. They may no longer care how they look and neglect their hygiene. You may see them wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time or with unbrushed teeth and hair.

Problems With Money
Addicts put their addiction before everything else, and one of the common signs that someone is suffering from addiction in their lack of money. Instead of buying groceries or having money for necessities and bills, they may be spending it on their addiction instead. You may notice an addict needs to suddenly borrow money or is having a hard time making ends meet.

There are many signs of addiction and the ones above are just a few of the most common. Dasen Brajkovic MD has seen many addicts and treated them successfully. Knowing the signs of addiction can help you get treatment faster.

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic – Benefits Of Psychiatric Care

Dr. Dasen Brajkovic is focused on providing quality care for everyone. He has worked in the psychiatric field for many years and is aware of the many benefits that psychiatric treatments can offer. If you or someone you know are struggling with mental or emotional problems, consider the benefits of psychiatric care.


People who receive psychiatric care have the chance to be diagnosed so they can begin treatment. Many mental health problems can only be accurately diagnosed by a psychiatrist, and only after several hours of therapy. Many people suffer from mental health problems until they receive psychiatric care and are finally diagnosed with a specific disease or disorder.


Once a psychiatrist has diagnosed a disorder, he or she can also come up with a treatment plan. He or she may try different medications and combinations of medications and therapy. Psychiatrists know which drugs are most effective at treating which diseases.


Many people who are recovering from illnesses and are struggling, need psychiatric care to help make their recovery easier. In this case, a psychiatrist will offer low doses of certain medications that will help take some of the stress of recovery off the sufferer and help them feel better.

Dasen Brajkovic understands that many people are not aware of the benefits of psychiatric care. He encourages anyone struggling with mental or emotional problems to consider psychiatric treatment and get the help they need.